Registration Payment

Notice: If you require an invoice to process the payment from a public administration or company, you can request it at

Deposit in Bank Account


Make deposit or bank transfer in the account number of the entity that manages the registration to the congress:


Entity: BBVA

Bank account: ES59 0182 1795 4702 0157 9671

Account holder: Linckia Integria, S.L. (ISMS 2018 administration)

Concept: Indicate in the concept of income the DNI / Passport and the name and surname of the person who signs up, or, where appropriate, the budget number.

Credit Card or PayPal payment


Payments are no longer accepted

  1. Access the store by clicking on the “Access” button which is directly above.
  2. Add to the cart the items you want, taking into account:
    1. You only have to add an article of the type “Registration” depending on whether you are professional or student.
    2. You can add as many articles of “Companion to dinner” and “Excursion to Cíes” as you wish.
  3. Once you have added all the items, access the cart by clicking on the bag in the top menu next to “Contact”.
  4. In the car you can update the number of items, removing or adding units and clicking on the “Update cart” button.
  5. If everything is correct click on the “End purchase” button.
  6. Fill in the billing form with your personal information and click on the “Go to PayPal” button.
  7. You can pay with your Credit or Debit Card or with your PayPal account.
  8. Once the payment is made, remember to check your e-mail and save the payment proof to attach it to the registration form.

Internal payment University of Vigo

(Notice: this method does not allow issuing invoices, only public price payment certificate)


The congress code is INV00183.


In Galicia

Due to the operating system of the ABANCA computer aplication, delegates from Galicia must complete the registration payment in one of the ABANCA offices, indicating that it is about a University of Vigo congress and specifying the corresponding code, as well as their name, surnames and the Identity Card/Passport number.


Outside Galicia

In case of doing the registration payment by transfer outside Galicia, the bank account for the deposit is ES14 2080 0501 12 3110000112 (ABANCA-TAXAS), (from abroad it is necessary to add as well the next BIC code: CAGLESMMXXX), indicating also the congress code, name, surnames and Identity card/Passport number.

If you have already completed the registration payment, fill in the form to finish the process.

If you have already completed the
registration payment, fill in the form
to finish the process.