Important dates

Start of abstract sending


th of January

End of  abstract sending (updated)


st of March


The oral comunications are the core of the symposium, that is why is necessary set some basic rules in order to carry them out in an efficient and highly productive way. According to that, point out that the Lectures have a duration of 15 minutes, speakers are therefore asked to adjust their exposition time to 12 minutes, keeping a reasonable time for questions and commentary from the audience. The chosen language for the slides will be English, nevertheless the speaker can choose between Spanish and English for the talk.


Furthermore, each session will have a moderator in charge of indicating the speaker the remaining time, as well as when the time for the exposition is over. The moderator will also be in charge of opening the round of questions and commentaries from the audience.


Posters will be placed in the spot assigned for them for the three days of the congress. Its dimensions will not exceed 90 cm width by 120 cm length. At least one of the authors of the poster must be standing next to the poster during the daily poster session. The language used in the posters will be English.

Rules for the Abstracts

Please download the list template that you will find below, for writing your abstract (download and fill in just the template of the conference you want to send the abstract):


Template ISMS abstract

Template EOF abstract

Template SIQUIMAR abstract

Template REDIBAL abstract

Template ISC abstract

Template Workshop Cíes abstract


The complete template must be sent before the March 1st to facilitate the selection of communications by the Scientific Comittee. Please, read carefully the instructions of the template.


Very important, name your abstract in the next way: surnames+author name_abstract_poster/oral according to your choice. The abstract language can be spanish or english, indifferently.


Once the template is completed, you must fill in the form which is below in the “Send your abstract” button and attach the file in the “Attached” button. It is very important in the “Conference” field to select the conference to which the abstract is addressed.  After filling the form and attached the file, you must click on the “Create ticket” button.


A maximum of 6 abstracts per registration are admited, of which only two can be sent for each congress. For example, two abstracts sent for SIQUIMAR, two abstracts sent por EOF and two abstracts sent for ISMS. In case you wish to send more, you should pay a new registration.

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